Faculty Services

Faculty Services Librarian

Cynthia Condit is the Head of Faculty Services. Faculty can request research assistance or inquire about any of the services described below by emailing their Librarian Liaison, the faculty services email queue at  law-library@law-arizona.libanswers.com or contact Cynthia by email at cbcondit@arizona.edu, call her at 520-621-9314 or stop by her office, Room 105, main level of the Law Library. 

Book Purchases

The Law Library tailors much of its current collection development to expressed or perceived faculty need and interest, but will also purchase materials at the specific request of a faculty member. To make a suggestion for a general library purchase please contact your Librarian Liaison, Cynthia, or submit a request to the faculty services email queue at: law-library@law-arizona.libanswers.com.  To purchase items for personal use from your faculty allotment, please contact Faculty Support at LAW-FacultySupport@email.arizona.edu.  

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Classroom Presentations on Legal Research

Librarians will provide tailored classroom presentations at the request of faculty. Presentations may focus on course research assignments, resources for selecting paper topics, and other subjects as requested. Please contact your Librarian Liaison or Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu to schedule a librarian to present a session for your class.

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Course Reserves

The Law Library maintains a Course Reserves collection that contains a copy of current law course textbooks used during a semester. Students may check out these books for two hours use in the library or in a class. Circulation develops the collection through a working list received from the Faculty Support Office. If you find you need a book added to this collection, please contact Circulation at circulation@law-arizona.libanswers.com to add an item to the temporary Course Reserves collection.

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Current Awareness

The Law Library offers a number of general and topic-specific current awareness services to help law faculty stay abreast of new developments in their areas of research (e.g. CILP and SmartCILP, Law 360, Law.com, and SSRN/LSN abstracting journals).

In addition to these services, the library has a site license to the New York Times. For information on how to subscribe to the New Your Times please contact your Librarian Liaison or Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu. Law faculty may also create an account to receive the Wall Street Journal, available through a generous anonymous donation to Eller's Department of Finance. Activate your complimentary membership by visiting WSJ.com/UArizona.

If you have interests in areas that you would like us to monitor for you, just ask!  We can check sources for you on a regular basis and send along the results (e.g. GAO and other government agency reports). In addition, Westlaw and Lexis offer monitoring services. We can help you structure these alerts for email delivery on a weekly, monthly or other delivery time frame.

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Document Delivery

If you need a copy of an article or pages scanned from a book, you can submit your request to the Circulation department through our AskCirc email at: circulation@law-arizona.libanswers.com. Articles and scans will be sent by email as attached pdfs, unless you specifically request a print version. Staff generally turn around a request within one day. Additionally, the library will place requested books and other items in your faculty mailbox.

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DVDs/Video Streaming to Classrooms

The Law Library doesn't actively collect DVDs/videos for classroom use. However, we will try to obtain hard copies of DVDs/videos requested by law faculty for use when the item is not too expensive and when the material can be physically held in the Law Library.

Options for Video Streaming to Classrooms.

  • Netflix
    • While Netflix does not offer institutional subscriptions, it does have a limited educational use policy for certain Netflix Original documentaries. Permitted titles carry the words "GRANT OF PERMISSION FOR EDUCATIONAL SCREENINGS" in their description. You can view a list of available titles, in addition to some others that are not permitted under education policy at the Netflix Media Center webpage. To be sure the documentary is permitted under educational use, click on the film title and look at the description on the left of the page for permission language.
    • Beginning April 2020, Netflix began to offer a free selection of documentaries on the Netflix YouTube Channel. Each documentary includes a link to educational resources for both student and instructor. 
    • You may want to review their full Educational Screening Policy before presenting a screening before your class.
  • UA Main Library
    • UA Main Library provides dozens of streaming video databases for course use. Their list of A-Z databases can be searched by keyword, subject, streaming video, or vendor/provider.
    • Because contents of these databases can change and licenses can expire, do not reuse links.  For each semester session, for each film you wish to show or assign for a course, please submit a request using the Main Library's request a streaming video form
    • For more details about Main Library's streaming video services, please review their "About streaming video" page. 

If you have any questions about the above please contact Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu.

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Interlibrary Loan & Main Library Requests

For materials that are not owned by the Law Library or that are not available from Main Campus libraries, we will make a request for these materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Note: be sure to request ILL materials directly from the Law Library rather than using the links embedded within the catalog records.

  • To request an ILL, contact the ILL department at: Law-ILL@law-arizona.libanswers.com. Please include the following information: book/article title, author(s), publishing year, and your first and last name.

Library staff routinely retrieve and return materials from Main Campus libraries on your behalf, and the Law Library's holdings are included in the campus-wide online library search page. 

Note: If you receive an automated notice from UA Main Library regarding items that are overdue, recalled, or that are being held for you, please contact us for assistance at  circulation@law-arizona.libanswers.com or call the Circulation desk at 626-8023.

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Law Scholarship Display Case

The Law Library attempts to display recent law faculty scholarship (article reprints and books) in a publications display case located at the entrance of the Law Library. We encourage you to gift two copies of each article reprint to the library so that we can add them to the display case and to our Special Collections. We also purchase copies of faculty-authored texts for Special Collections. If you have recent scholarship for display, contact Jaime Valenzuela at  jaimev@arizona.edu.  

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New Books

WorldCat offers links to a list new books at the Law Library and at the Main Library. You can browse the list and click on any book of interest to read a description about the book. The Main Library list allows you to browse all or limit your browsing to fiction or nonfiction. The lists are updated daily during the week.

If you find a book you would like to check out, send an email request to the Law Library Circulation department at circulation@law-arizona.libanswers.com. The Law Library can request books from Main Library and have them delivered to the law college. We're happy to route them to your faculty mailbox or hold at the Circulation desk for pick up.

To browse new books at the Law Library, click this link:  https://search.worldcat.org/libraries/4610

To browse new books at the Main Library, click this link: https://search.worldcat.org/libraries/86 

Research Databases

In addition to the many multidisciplinary databases available to us from UA Main Library, the Law Library has consistently added to its own print collections with important online materials, such as:

All of these, and more, are included in the Research Databases list. We can provide individualized orientation and training on specialized databases at your request. We can also set up one-on-one sessions with the Westlaw and Lexis academic reps if you want to refresh your skills in those databases.

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Routing of Materials

The Law Library's active collecting of print journals and newspapers has decreased in recent years due to online availability but if you would like to receive a specific title in print and are not sure if we hold it in the collection, please contact your Librarian Liaison or Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu and if it is available, we'll route it to you.

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Sample Exams

The Law Library has created an online, password-protected database of past faculty exams for students to access remotely. Faculty members may choose to contribute past exams to this database. To view a list of exams you currently have online, go the Law Student Intranet and click on Documents >Library > Law Library-Sample Exams and select your name. If you would to like to make your course exams available to students, please contact Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu or send via the faculty services email queue at law-refdesk@list.arizona.edu.

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Scholarly Identity

Jaime Valenzuela can assist you in building, enhancing, and controlling your scholarly identity. Faculty can visit the Scholarly Visibility Resources Guide for further information or contact Jaime Valenzuela at jaimev@arizona.edu for further information on HeinOnline Author Profiles, ORCID IDs, and Google Scholar Profiles. 

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Scholarship & Working Papers

Please contact Jaime Valenzuela at jaimev@arizona.edu for assistance with posting your scholarship to SSRN/Arizona Legal Studies (ALS), questions about SSRN/ALS, or to update your scholarship on the University of Arizona Law Publications page. 

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Specialized Bibliographies

Librarians can create annotated bibliographies on specific topics at your request. Please contact your Librarian Liaison or Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu with your request.

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Student Research Assistants & Law Library Fellows

We can, and often do, work closely with your research assistants. We encourage you to let us know when you are using law student (or graduate student) RAs in your research. We also recommend that you send those students to us for an initial visit to discuss research strategies and suggest resources they may not be aware of, thereby making them more efficient researchers for you.

The Law Library also employs Law Library Fellows who may assist with your research needs. Fellows work at the Law Library part-time while pursuing a graduate degree in library and information science. All Fellows’ research projects are assigned and supervised by librarians. Generally, the Fellows are assigned short-term research projects only. For example, Fellows focus on projects which allow them to explore both legal and non-legal databases they will encounter in their future employment at other law libraries. More time-consuming projects such as data-entry, cite-checking, and empirical research are examples of projects that are generally beyond the scope of the Fellows in their limited time here (and outside the scope of the law library). Please contact Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu with requests or questions.

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Textbook Complimentary Copies

Faculty members may request their own complimentary copies of materials under consideration for course use. A handful of legal publishers who offer faculty copies free of charge are listed below, along with their contact information. Note that policies differ among publishers: in some cases, the faculty member must use the text in the course in order to receive the complimentary copy.

If you have questions or problems regarding contacting these sources, or if you have suggestions for publishers we have not included, please contact your Librarian Liaison or Cynthia at cbcondit@arizona.edu.(link sends e-mail)


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