Strategic Plan

Foundation for the Future

Foundation for the Future

Changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic, new colleagues, and reorganization of library processes and structures provided a unique opportunity to think broadly and creatively about the future of the Law Library. We want to be more valuable at the Law School and in our various communities as well as expand our efforts to develop leaders in the profession.

Already striding towards our Vision, we endeavor to increase our impact for all those we serve and support. Our Mission commits us to this ambitious trajectory. The Guiding Principles ensure we are conscientious, centering our values in each step of our growth. 

Our strategic plan is summarized below. You can also read the full Law Library strategic plan. Read the Library's Annual Reports for details about ways we're putting the strategic plan into action. 


Proactively support and empower our diverse Law Library community, augment partnerships for social change, catalyze legal education innovation, and cultivate library leaders.


The Law Library’s mission is to:

  • Develop innovative services and cultivate resources that benefit the current and future needs of our diverse Law Library community.
  • Promote intellectual engagement.
  • Train ethical, competent, and service-minded lawyers.
  • Build inclusive community relationships to advance systemic equity and social justice.
  • Invest in the professional growth of Law Library personnel.

Guiding Principles

  • Embrace diversity, encourage equity, and ensure inclusivity.
  • Put the stakeholders at the center of Law Library services and support.
  • Demonstrate environmentally conscious and sustainable stewardship.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility.
  • Fulfill our responsibilities as a land grant, Hispanic-serving, and Native- and Alaska-Native-serving institution.
  • Foster and develop librarians of the future.

Summary of Goals

Empower Communities

  • Actively seek opportunities to elevate diverse voices and resources.
  • Center inclusivity, equity, and sustainability in our work.
  • Foster diverse, empathetic, safe, anti-racist spaces and culture.

Augment Partnerships

  • Increase engagement with local, national, and global community of the University of Arizona.
  • Bolster collaborative relationships that support students, faculty, alumni, and public patrons.

Catalyze Innovation

  • Advance library services and space to foster creative learning, explorative pedagogy, and community impact.
  • Broaden support to proactively serve as an essential partner in discoverability, dissemination, and promotion.

Cultivate Leaders

  • Stimulate creativity and encourage scholarly output for the betterment of the law librarian profession.
  • Re-forge the Law Library Fellowship to include non-traditional opportunities, formal mentorship, continued career guidance, and enhanced connection to fellowship alumni.