Michael Chiorazzi

Associate Dean for Information Services, Beverly & James E. Rogers Professor of Law, Professor of Information Resources & Library Science
(520) 621-5477






1981, M. Law Libr., University of Washington
1980, J.D., Gonzaga University
1976, B.A., University of Miami


Prior to joining the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of law in 1996, Professor Chiorazzi was a reference librarian and senior instructor in legal research at Duke University School of Law (1981-1989). Subsequently, he served as the deputy director of the Law Library and legal research instructor at the Boston College School of Law (1989-1996).

Professor Chiorazzi's research interests include legal history, issues in law librarianship, and the use of technology in the teaching of legal research. Since 1999 he has served as the editor of Legal Reference Services Quarterly.


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  • Speaker, Law Library Directors: Who Are We Today? Librarian, Administrator, Faculty Member (AALS 2008 Mid-Year Meeting, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2, 2008).
  • Organizer and Speaker, AALL Leadership and Management Institute (Tucson, Ariz., Mar. 2007).
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  • Moderator and Coordinator, Early American Law Book Publishing (AALL Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minn., July 1990).
  • Panelist, Ethical Dilemmas in Law Librarianship (AALL Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minn., July 1990).
  • Speaker, Teaching Computer Assisted Legal Research to Groups with Special Needs: Law Review, Moot Court, CLE and Others (Mead-Veralex Graylyn Conf., Effective Teaching of Legal Research in a Technological Environment, Nov. 4, 1989).
  • Paper, Francois-Xavier Martin: Printer, Lawyer, Jurist (AALL Annual Meeting, July 1986).

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