Fellows Program


Throughout the years, The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law has benefitted from having a library school on campus. Graduates of the School of Information Resources and Library Science (SIRLS) (now School of Information or SI) who have worked in the Cracchiolo Law Library include, Francisco Avalos, Carol Elliott, and Arturo Torrez. Current College of Law librarians Maureen Garmon, Alexandra Lee Delgado, and Cynthia Condit also are graduates of SIRLS. Creating and mentoring law librarians has always been part of what we do at Cracchiolo Law Library.

In 2000, the Cracchiolo Law Library launched the Law Library Fellowship program. It was the culmination of an idea Associate Dean for Information Services Michael Chiorazzi had been contemplating and planning for several years. Dean Chiorazzi saw the importance of experienced librarians mentoring the next generation of law librarians, as well as the value of providing new librarians with teaching experience before they enter the professional world. He drew much of his inspiration from his mentor, the late Marian Gallagher, Professor and Director Emerita from the University of Washington's School of Law. In 1940, Professor Gallagher began what was at the time the only law librarianship program in the United States. Her graduates have shaped the profession of law librarianship.

Using existing personnel lines he established law library fellowships for law graduates. The Cracchiolo Law Library Fellowship, which can last up to two years (although most graduate in a year and a half), requires that applicants have graduated from an ABA accredited law school. Working with the School of Information, the law library offers a unique curriculum that prepares students for law library careers in all types of law libraries.

The Program

Fellows work 20 hours a week in the law library. They staff the circulation desk in the during the day, evenings and weekends when circulation staff are not on duty, work at the reference desk during normal business hours, teach in our legal research boot camp, participate in student outreach, assist the reference librarians in the 1L legal research, analysis, and communication classes, and work on a variety of law library projects including faculty research, collection development and technical services focused projects. They receive a modest salary of $13,000 a year, which includes health benefits and generous tuition benefits covering virtually all tuition and program fees. The net effect is fellows pay $700-750 a semester in fees that cannot be waived. Professor Chiorazzi always jokes to prospective applicants it is the worst deal around – except for all the others – and Fellows quickly realize the invaluable experience that they are getting from the program.

In addition to the basic School of Information curriculum, the Fellowship program requires students to take the following law library courses: Law Library Practice & Administration (LAW/IRLS 681E), Teaching Legal Research (LAW/IRLS 689A), and Advanced Legal Research (LAW 689). As the result of a recent curriculum change, Fellows also can receive up to six internship credits for their time working in the law library and many also do independent study writing projects. Graduates receive an M.A. in Library and Information Science. 

The Teaching Legal Research course makes the Fellowship program at the Cracchiolo Law Library unique. Although graduates of the Fellowship have gone on to work in government and law firm libraries, approximately 75% of graduates pursue careers in academic law libraries, and most of them have teaching as one of their duties. The Teaching Legal Research course provides fellows with extensive experience in developing learning objectives, designing lesson plans, creating effective student exercises, and engaging students in the classroom for a variety of legal research topics. We believe this course to be one of a kind in the nation and sets University of Arizona School of Information/fellowship graduates apart in their preparation for law librarianship.

The Law Library Practice and Administration course meets the need for professional mentoring that Dean Chiorazzi finds so important in training the next generation of law librarians. Dean Chiorazzi's course explores the issues that arise in the daily operation of a law library including digital law libraries, collection development, law library administration, teaching legal research, database management, professional ethics and intellectual property issues. Several classes are taught by guest lecturers, primarily librarians from the law library.

As of July 1, 2015, the School of Information instituted two new certificate programs: The Law Librarianship Certificate and the Legal Information & Scholarly Communication Certificate. Anyone admitted to the School of Information, not just fellows, are eligible to complete the requirements for the certificates. Fellows also might be interested in other certificate programs offered by the School of Information including digital information management, archival studies, and medical and community health information.

Our Graduates

While the Law Library Fellowship program is still a teenager—just fifteen years old—many of its graduates have already gone on to distinguish themselves in the profession. Here are four examples:

Jane Larrington graduated from the Fellowship program in 2007. Prior to becoming a fellow, Jane earned her Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School. She then interned for Southern Arizona Legal Aid in Tucson, and the Community Law Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. She worked as a Staff Attorney for the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence and then for the Southwest Center for Law and Policy. After earning her M.A. in IRLS and completing the fellowship, Jane accepted a position as Reference Librarian and Adjunct Professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Library where she taught Advanced Legal Research courses, and provided research, cite-checking and editing support to faculty members. After three years at Thomas Jefferson, Jane took a position as Reference Librarian and Faculty Services Librarian at the University of San Diego Legal Research Center where, among other duties, she has built a formal faculty services program, supervises research assistants, co-teaches Advanced Legal Research and Legal Research Bootcamp, and provides reference services. Jane has been a leader in the field of law librarianship, and most recently won the AALL Emerging Leader Award (2015).

Charles (C.J.) Pipins graduated from the Fellowship program in 2009. C.J. earned his Juris Doctor for New York Law School in 2007 and worked in the Mendik Law Library there until 2008. Reflecting on what brought him to the fellowship program, C.J. observes that he realized that the practice of law was not going to be a perfect fit for him, but he absolutely loved the work he did in the law library as a student. He knew that he needed and wanted a library degree. Camille Broussard, then the deputy director and now the current director and associate dean for information services, encouraged him to seek diverse experience and mentoring. So he chose the fellowship in Arizona for the chance to work in a new place, and of course to learn from Mike Chiorazzi. After completing the fellowship at the Cracchiolo Law Library, C.J. became a Reference Librarian and Adjunct Professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. There, C.J. gained extensive teaching experience, and provided reference services to faculty, staff and the public. In 2013, C.J. accepted a position as Research Librarian at the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the Francis King Carey School of Law, University of Maryland in Baltimore. In addition to providing reference services, he teaches Advanced Legal Research courses, as well as several sessions of the Introduction to Legal Research course in the first year curriculum. C.J. has been an active presenter at CALI, SEALL and AALL Conferences for several years

Ryan Harrington, a 2008 graduate of the Fellowship Program, has been the Head of Reference and a Lecturer in Legal Research at Yale Law Library since completing his fellowship. He provides domestic, foreign, comparative, international and interdisciplinary reference to students and faculty. He also serves as a liaison and provides research instruction and guides to Yale Law School clinics. Ryan has published many articles and given several presentations, as well as teaching courses in Foreign and International Legal Research, Advanced Legal Research, and Efficient Legal Research. Ryan's many accomplishments have been recognized with awards including the AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Award for Understanding the Other International Agreements, and the Spirit of the FCIL-SIS Award.

Lee Van Duzer received his J.D. from University of New Hampshire School of Law in 2005, and worked as a law clerk and as a teacher before becoming a Law Library Fellow at the Cracchiolo Law Library. After completing the fellowship in 2009, Lee accepted a position as Branch Librarian for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Jose, California where he provided research assistance to judges and staff, served on the Web Development and Cooperative Collection Development committees, and managed the branch budget and collection. While at the court, Lee's extraordinary service was recognized with two service awards. Lee also was Chair of the SR-SIS Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues in AALL during 2013-2014. Most recently, Lee has accepted a position as a Law Librarian with the Washington County Law Library in Hillsboro, Oregon.


The Fellowship has deep roots and continues to thrive, as exemplified by this growing list of graduates, two of whom graduated from ASU and seven from the Rogers College of Law (*).

  • Jennifer Murray (2002), formerly Law Library Assistant Director and Public Access to Court Services Administrator, Maricopa County Superior Court, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Nicholas Jackson (2002), Librarian, Crossroads Christian Academy, Panama City, Panama; formerly Foreign/International Librarian, duPont-Ball Library, Stetson University, DeLand, Florida.
  • Elisa Donnadieu (2003), Attorney, Maricopa County Public Defender, Phoenix, Arizona.*
  • Heather Phillips (2006), Assistant Branch Librarian, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Library, San Diego, California.
  • David Lehmann (2005), retired; former Electronic Resources Librarian, Coleman Karesh Law Library, University of South Carolina School of Law, Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Alan Pannell (2005), currently a Master's candidate in Advanced Study in American Media and Popular Culture, Arizona State University; formerly Head of Reference and Instructor, William A. Wise Law Library, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder Colorado.
  • Brandon Baker (2006), Reference Librarian and Stack Manager, and Adjunct Professor of Law, California Western School of Law Library, San Diego, California.
  • Phillip Gragg (2006), Associate Dean for Information Resources and Director of Library, California Western School of Law Library, San Diego, California; formerly, Director, Concordia University School of Law Library, Boise, Idaho; formerly Reference Librarian, LSU Law Library, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Jane Larrington (2007), Head of Reference, Legal Research Center, University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, California; formerly Reference Librarian, Thomas Jefferson School of Law Library, San Diego, California.
  • Michael Bird (2007), Reference Librarian, Thomas M. Cooley Law School Library, Auburn Hills, Michigan.*
  • Andrew Cannon (2008), Attorney, American Fork, Utah.
  • Ryan Harrington, (2008), Legal Officer and Librarian, UNCITRAL: United Nations Commission on International trade Law, Legislative Office, Vienna, Austria, formerly Head of Foreign and International Law and Lecturer in Legal Research, Yale Law Library, New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Sean Crane (2008), formerly Reference Librarian at Cracchiolo Law Library.
  • Lori Fossum (2008), Reference and National Security and Foreign Relations Librarian, Jacob Burns Law Library, George Washington University School of Law, Washington, D.C., formerly Reference Librarian, Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington.
  • Katy Stein Badeaux (2008), Law Reference and Research Librarian, O'Quinn Law Library, University of Houston Law Center, Houston, Texas; formerly Faculty Services Librarian, Sarita Kenedy East Law Library, St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Lee Van Duzer (2009), Law Librarian, Washington County Law Library, Hillsboro, Oregon; formerly Librarian, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, San Jose, California.
  • C. J. Pipins (2010), Reference Librarian, Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland; formerly Reference Librarian, Florida Coastal School of Law Library, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Alexandra Lee Delgado (2010), Reference Librarian and Professor of Practice, Cracchiolo Law Library, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Tucson, Arizona; formerly E-Resources Librarian, Robert Crown Law Library, Stanford Law School, Stanford, California.*
  • Cynthia Condit (2011), Reference and Circulation Librarian and Professor of Practice, Cracchiolo Law Library, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Tucson, Arizona; formerly Reference and Faculty Services Librarian, William J. Jameson Law Library, University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law, Missoula, Montana.*
  • T.J. Striepe (2011), Associate Director for Research Services, Alexander King Campbell Law Library, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Georgia; formerly Faculty Services Librarian, Alexander King Campbell Law Library, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Georgia.
  • Steven Ellis Alexandre da Costa (2011), Retired; formerly Foreign and International Law and Senior Legal Information Librarian and Lecturer in Law, Fineman & Pappas Law Library, Boston University School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Brad Nichols (2011), Technical Writer, Austin Texas; formerly Copyright Officer, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.
  • David DeCabooter (2011), Policy Consultant, Arizona School Boards Association, Phoenix, Arizona.*
  • Cindy Hirsch (2012), Reference Librarian, University of Maine Law School Library, Portland, Maine; formerly Reference and Access Services Librarian, Elon University School of Law Library, Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Daneal Grotenhouse (2012), Client Partner, Facebook, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Eric Prosser (2013), Copyright Librarian, Ft. Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.
  • Jennifer Cook (2013), Judicial Law Clerk, Pima County Superior Court, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Robert O'Leary (2013), Reference Librarian, Archives Manager, and Adjunct Professor of Law, California Western School of Law Library, San Diego, California; formerly Outreach and Digital Initiatives Librarian, New Mexico Supreme Court Law Library, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Sabrina Davis (2013), Research Librarian, Norton Rose Fulbright, Houston, Texas, formerly Reference Librarian, Chickasaw Nation Law Library, Oklahoma City University School of Law, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.*
  • Patrick Parsons (2014), Research Instructional Services Librarian, Georgia State University College of Law Library, Atlanta, Georgia; formerly Reference Librarian, Coleman Karesh Law Library, University of South Carolina School of Law, Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Megan Austin (2014), Law Instruction Librarian, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon; formerly Library Specialist and Adjunct Professor of Legal Research and Writing, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Tucson, Arizona.*
  • Margaret Keil-Morse (2014), Reference Librarian, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library; formerly Law Librarian, State Library of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Katie Ginnane Hanschke (2014), Head of Instruction and Access Services and Lecturer in Law, Alyne Queener Massey Law Library, Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee, formerly Reference Librarian, North Carolina Central School of Law Library, Durham, North Carolina.
  • Abigail Deese (2015), Assistant Law Librarian for Reference, MacMillan Law Library, Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, Georgia, formerly Evening & Weekend Reference Librarian, Elon School of Law Library, Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Craig Cohen (2015), formerly Law Librarian, Colorado Supreme Court Library, Denver, Colorado.*
  • Jill Sturgeon (2015), Access Services Librarian, William A. Wise Law Library, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jonathan Voigt (2016), Reference Librarian, Maricopa Superior Court Resource Center, Phoenix, Arizona; formerly Information Services Librarian, State Library of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Laura Vlieg (2016), formerly Research Librarian & Assistant Professor, Wiener-Rogers Law Library, University of Nevada Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Youngwoo Ban (2016), Research Libarian, William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, formerly Reference Librarian & Assistant Professor of Law, Indiana Tech Law School, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • Rick Jones (2016), Volunteer, Arizona Historical Society, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Cas Laskowski (2016), Reference Librarian and Lecturing Fellow, J. Michael Goodson Law Library, Duke Law School, Durham, North Carolina.
  • Anastasia Housley (2017), Research Analyst, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, Phoenix, Arizona.*
  • Nicholas Mignanelli (2017), Reference & Instructional Services Librarian, University of Miami Law Library, Coral Gables, Florida.
  • Sarah Slinger (2017), Reference Librarian, Univeristy of Miami Law Library, Coral Gabels, Florida, formerly Reference Librarian, William W. Cook Legal Research Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Dan Fitzpatrick (2018), Legal Spend Analyst, Elevate Services, Phoenix, Arizona, formerly Associate Attorney, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Michelle Penn (2018), Faculty Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, Sturm College of Law Library, Denver, Colorado; formerly, Faculty Services Librarian, The Maloney Library, Fordham University School of Law, New York, New York.
  • Ryan Rozanski (2018), Research Analyst, Quarles & Brady LLP, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • James Riley (2018), Associate, Fletcher, Struse, Fickbohm & Wagner, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Jacob Fishman (2019), Reference Librarian and Adjunct Professor of Law, The Maloney Library, Fordham University School of Law, New York, New York.

In addition, a number of librarians who were not part of the law librarian fellowship but students of Professor Chiorazzi and graduated from SIRLS include:

  • Eugenia Charles-Newton (SIRLS Knowledge River fellow 2010), formerly Wyoming State Law Librarian, Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • Jez Gaddoura, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, formerly Head of Technical Services, Cracchiolo Law Library.
  • Amy Hale-Janeke, Independent Legal Research Specialist, Lubbock, Texas.
  • Jean Mattimoe, Collection Development/Reference Librarian and Associate Professor at University of Idaho College of Law, Moscow, Idaho.
  • Teresa Miguel-Stearns (SIRLS Knowledge River fellow 2008), Director, Yale Law Library, New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Brian van Pottelsberghe, Head of Public Services, Thomas Cooley School of Law Library, Tampa Bay, Florida. 

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