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  • Foreign Law:  The law of a single non-United States jurisdiction
  • International Law:  Rules dealing with the relations between two or more countries; countries & individuals; & international organizations
  • Comparative Law:  Multi-jurisdictional study of foreign laws on the same topic

Finding Tools for Foreign Law

  • Foreign Law Guide, Marci Hoffman, Gen. Ed.:  A database offering relevant information on sources of foreign law, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations and selected references to secondary sources. Link included in Foreign Law/European Union list of library databases. Frequently updated.
  • A Selective List of Guides to Foreign Legal Research:  A library guide to other guides on foreign legal research. Last updated in 2013.
  • Globalex:  Contains guides to Foreign, International, & Comparative Law sources from the Hauser Global Law School Program, NYU School of Law. Updated fairly frequently.
  • Guide to Law Online – Nations:  List of guides to online sources of foreign law from the Library of Congress. Check each country's page for last update.

Legal Information Institutes

Cracchiolo Law Library Databases:  Foreign Law/European Union

Selected Jurisdictions

How to Find Cases in English Translation:

Topical Areas of Law


  • Westlaw:  Has some foreign law available under International Materials; can also find articles and compare jurisdictions in Practical Law.
  • Lexis Advance:  Has almost no foreign law; browse sources or topics to find
  • Bloomberg Law:  Has foreign law under Global Law and in Trade & Business Secondary Materials

Print Materials

Use the University’s online catalog, to find print and electronic materials:

Some sample types of print materials:

  • Mexican Law for the American Lawyer, Jorge A. Vargas – Law Reference KGF 327 .V37 2009
  • Civil Code of Argentina – Law KHA 404.31869 .A52 2014

Other relevant Cracchiolo Law Library research guides:

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