New Books List

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Law Faculty: Please use the request form to have any of these recent acquisitions routed to you. If you have questions, either email us at or call us at 626-8023.  

New Books September 2018

- Understanding by Design, 2d ed. (Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe)

- The Content Trap (Bharat Anand)

- Innovative Governance Models for Emerging Technologies (Gary Marchant, Kenneth Abbot & Braden Allenby)

- The Law's Flaws: Rethinking Trial and Errors? (Larry Laudan)

- The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services (Richard Susskind)

- Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analysis: New Tools for Law Practice in the Digital Age (Kevin Ashley)

- Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector (Jeannne Liedtka, Randy Salzman & Daisy Azer)

- Contemporary and Emerging Issues on the Law of Damages and Valuation in International Investment Arbitration (Christina Beharry, ed.)

- The Greatest and the Grandest Act: The Civil Rights Act of 1866 from Reconstruction to Today (Christian Samito ed.)

- Practitioner's Guide to Project-Based Vouchers (Sarah Molseed and Jule McGovern)

- Practitioner's Guide to Secondary Financing in FHA Programs (Michael Polsinelli, ed.)

- Everything Criminal Defense Resource Book (Barbara Bergman and John Cline)

- Crafting Effective Settlement Agreements: A Guidebook for Attorneys and Mediators (Brendon Ishikawa)

- Designing an Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance Program: A Practice Guide for Business (Stuart Deming)

- How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice, 2d ed. (Mark Chinn)

- Cancer Rights Law: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Monica Fawzy Bryant and Joanna Fawzy Morales)

- Representing Children in Dependency and Family Court: Beyond the Law (Rebecca Stahl and Philip Stahl)

- Corporate Friction: How Corporate Law Impedes American Progress and What To Do About It (David Yosifon)

- The Pillars of Digtal Security: How to Ethically Use Technology in Legal Practice (Phillppe Doyle Gray)

- The Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance Law (David Gray and StephenHendrson, eds.)

- Double Non-taxation and the Use of Hybrid Entites: An Alternative Approach in the New Era of BEPS: Series on International Taxataion (Leopoldo Parada)

- International Taxation of Energy Production and Distribution: Series on International Taxation (John Abrahamson)